Designer    Alex Noio

Role  —  Art Direction

Date  —  July 2019

LiveReacting is a SaaS product that expands the functionality of the live broadcast of the social networking site Facebook, in the form of a website. Allows you to create live videos for social networks with various interactive elements.

Juicy-flexible identity system, designed by Pontica, bases on the user communication and live streaming principals.


We took the letter L from “Live”, which indicates a live user. The communication process of users is a counter form, abstract extrusion space between two imaginary L.

Visual identity consists of an original sign, logotype and vibrant color environment. The space filled by solid color by default. Photo or video content may be clipped inside the logo form.

A vivid turquoise circle, a “lively eye,” quotes a classic video recording indicator or a live broadcast light bulb. It blinks in animated versions of the logo.


They are always visible and at the same time harmonious on the background of a photo or video.

Colors are extremely saturated values of cyan, blue and yellow in the RGB spectrum.

As a result, we obtained a variable environment with constant visual values. In this moment, LiveReacting can be identified through the small turquoise circle, however, brand identity can be conveyed by watching a long video broadcast, where the corporate shapes and colors are present. Such a consistent and holistic result provides a good basis for the development of the LiveReacting brand culture in the future.


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