About Pontica

Pontica is a design agency located in the heart of Odessa. Our practice is the research, design, development and production of new brands, as well as improving and rethinking existing ones. Our approach to business comes down to a methodical search for the power of form and purity of meaning. A diverse experience of activity allows us to implement large-scale projects of various purposes.

Our Specialists


Carlo Monti

Frontend Developer
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.


Isabela Doro

SEO & Analytics
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.


Ray Morris

Art Direction + Founder
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.


Natalie Lafour

Creative Director + Founder
Tw.  —  Fb.  —  Lnkd.



Any business created with serious intentions, strives to become a strong brand. Having studied the features of the business, its goals and objectives, we create holistic and charismatic brands. The process of creating a brand is a set of actions, planned and managed. Powerful creative process fits in a clear shell brand strategy. Each new brand or rethinking, updating an existing one is a separate project, with an individual approach.


A brand is a personal, emotional reaction to a product, service or event. A good brand is a feeling of pride, trust and excellence. Currently, people have a huge selection of goods and services and too little time. In addition, most of the offers on the market are the same in function and quality. That is why people make choices based on trust. That is why brands are so important.


We start by defining the goals of the company (business), through research and interviews, as well as analytics of the relevant market. Then we create a strategic framework that is consistent with the original goals.

Based on our strategy, we create a unique brand experience that can cover all digital and physical points of contact and interaction with the brand. Our contributions maintain the brand’s relevance in a changing world, separate the brand from competitors and build long-term brand equity




  • Steakhouse
  • Pliri
  • Savva Libkin Restaurants
  • AVE 17
  • Pesce Al Forno
  • Softo
  • Belenko Design
  • Chesva
  • Collevox
  • Staff Centre
  • Scyfion
  • Momoyama
  • Ivstroy
  • True Gear
  • Coastex

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